Day 28 – Run round the park (literally)

A glorious sunny morning so I decided to… stay at home and finish some ironing before leaving the house just as the clouds came. Big running challenge today: to circumnavigate Richmond Park. All 12km.  As I approached half way I felt I was going too fast, but really found it difficult to slow down and pace myself. I find it too easy to slow down on the treadmill, just the flick of a switch. Do I need a Garmin or similar to see more clearly how fast I’m running each km? Now, that would make me a serious runner.


I’m used to walking this route, but have never jogged it before. And I’ve never attempted to run more than 10km. My mind was playing tricks on me at about 6k when all paths appeared to look the same and I thought I was closer to the end than I actually was. And then there’s this hill (left) at 10km (57 minutes in). It looks disappointingly small in the photos. I allowed myself to walk up and stop for these quick photos at the top, but then picked up the pace again as it began to rain. The reward for this hill is a lovely downhill slope to Kingston Gate at the end. My reward for finishing was a diet coke in a wine glass enjoyed in a hot bath.


Here I am at the top of the hill (right) looking pretty horrific!

Mini challenge: Attempt this again on Wednesday, when I won’t have a walk until the top of the hill. Then, the next time, no stopping!

Total distance run today: 12km

Songs: As The Rush Comes (Motorcycle), Street Dancer (Avicii), Untrust Us (Crystal Castles).

Total January distance: 129km run, 12km cycled, 30km walked, 1km rowed!IMG_1428IMG_1433


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