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Day 24 – Aqua

Felt tired for no particular reason today – ended up doing aqua class. After a few weeks, I’m finally getting the hang of the weights-under-water thing.


Day 17 – Mixing it up

Keeping it brief tonight as I can already feel my arms starting to ache. I set myself a mini challenge to see how long  it would take to row 1000m. 5 mins 8 seconds to beat next time! Then a quick 4km on the treadmill (much faster than usual, maybe it was the rowing warm up!) and a 45 minute Aqua class. This felt like a long lovely stretch for the bottom half, though quite tough on the arms at times.

Tracks that kept me moving: Pencil Full of Lead (Paulo Nutini), Professional Widow (dancey version) (Tori Amos), Barber’s Adagio For Strings (William Orbit).

Powered by: Lentil and feta cheese salad

Total January distance: 82km run, 12km cycled, 12km walked, 1000m rowed!

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