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Day 23 – Chilling in the park

Beautiful walk in the park with my mum. I’m really enjoying reading other running blogs by Janathon participants and I’m amazed (and impressed!) that so many of you go out with ice on the ground. Maybe when your feet move fast enough, there’s no time to slip because by the time you would’ve slipped you’ve already picked your foot up for the next step. So your feet don’t touch the ground fast enough to slip. Is this true – or are you all wearing very special trainers? I nearly slipped a few times, anyway. I think some muscles would’ve tensed up if I’d jogged.

mum had a nice chat with these deer


I loved the walk, but I was missing the sensation of running, so I jogged the 6 minutes or so to pick my son up from school when the pavements seemed clear of ice later in the day. Is this a ‘normal’ symptom of running addiction, I wonder? Craving that sort of ‘perpetual motion’ feeling? I’m hoping for a mild week and fast thaw next week so I can get myself out there.

Distance walked today: 9km

Spurred on by: Unique mum-talk (like only mum can) and the hot chocolate & cheesecake we shared at Pembroke Lodge.

Total January distance: 101km run, 12km cycled, 30km walked, 1km rowed!


Day 18 – Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

9km walk round snowy Richmond park, blizzard-like in places and my fingers took a few hours to recover. I would never have gone out alone in the snow, but I’m so glad I succumbed to peer pressure.



Spurred on by: A good natter and the thought of hot chocolate at the end.


Distance walked today: 9km

Total January distance: 82km run, 12km cycled, 21km walked, 1km rowed!

Day 11 – A walk in the park

A more sedate session today – the perimeter of Richmond Park with some mums from my son’s class at school. A brisk walk while chatting in the glorious winter sunshine – we circumnavigated my new favourite place in less than two hours. And a few friends were hanging around at the end:

deer day 11

Total distance today: 12km walk in just under 2 hours

Powered by: Porridge and blueberries

Spurred on by: Good conversation with fellow mummy friends.


Total January distance: 55km run, 12km cycled, 12km walked

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