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Day 26 – Pool mines

I was forced to spend the first glorious sunny morning in weeks in the clubhouse at my son’s football group, selling hot drinks and bacon butties. In between customers I stared out of the window, wishing I was pounding the park under the blue sky. Anyway, no time for jogging today with family bits and bobs. I ended up nipping out for an evening swim.  Can anyone tell me why young men like to disappear under the water for minutes on end, lurking? You’re never sure where they’re going to pop up to the surface, like a little explosive device. Surely it’s not to look at my cleavage as I glide gracefully above? If I were 15 years younger and hadn’t had two children, I might understand it.

Distance: 34 lengths

Total January distance: 111km run, 12km cycled, 30km walked, 1km rowed!


Day 17 – Mixing it up

Keeping it brief tonight as I can already feel my arms starting to ache. I set myself a mini challenge to see how long  it would take to row 1000m. 5 mins 8 seconds to beat next time! Then a quick 4km on the treadmill (much faster than usual, maybe it was the rowing warm up!) and a 45 minute Aqua class. This felt like a long lovely stretch for the bottom half, though quite tough on the arms at times.

Tracks that kept me moving: Pencil Full of Lead (Paulo Nutini), Professional Widow (dancey version) (Tori Amos), Barber’s Adagio For Strings (William Orbit).

Powered by: Lentil and feta cheese salad

Total January distance: 82km run, 12km cycled, 12km walked, 1000m rowed!

Day 13 – Late night swim

A lazy Sunday with the family and a good friend today. The other adults drank wine and I sipped Diet Coke out of a wine glass. 13 days into the Dryathlon part of my challenge, and the first time I have really fancied a cheeky red.  Today, my innocent fizz washed down a roast dinner followed by apple pie – then we went for a stroll to the park to watch the sunset as the children played.

Today’s Janathon was an evening swim in the peaceful gym pool. I’ve never been a strong swimmer and I’m getting less confident with age. I’ve developed a reluctance to actually go under; I don’t like the feel of water in my ears. I’m that middle-aged woman who plods a leisurely front crawl with her chin just touching the surface, like a tortoise peeking out of its shell.

Total distance today: 31 lengths (the target was 30 but I had to swim the extra one to get to the steps).

Spurred on by: The thought of the bubbly jacuzzi tub afterwards.

Total January distance: 61km run, 12km cycled, 12km walked.

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