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Day 21 – Where did you go?

I’ve just realised Day 21 has disappeared from my blog – and it was a 9km. I will not let it be forgotten! Does anyone know how this could’ve happened? I know it was posted because I had a comment. It was called London to Brighton. Maybe it’s been deleted under the trade descriptions act because I had not actually run from London to Brighton on that day?


Day 15 – Half-way rest day

No running today . Instead a Body Vive class. This is a low-impact one-hour workout that uses small squidgy balls, stretchy tubes and body weight to boost fitness and core strength. First one since about October, and it was great. I’ve a feeling my arms will ache tomorrow. I’m now behind my attempted 5km a day average for the month but who cares? I’m still moving much more, doing something every day, and feeling a hundred times fitter. My thoughts are now turning to a ‘project’ for February!

Total January distance: 71km run, 12km cycled, 12km walked.

Day 9 – Runner’s block

Struggled on the treadmill today and felt as though I was hobbling with hip discomfort again… So I stepped off after just 1km and went on the bike for 12 km instead. A bit disappointing but I think this hip needs a break.

Distance run today: 1km

Cycled: 12km


Total January distance: 46km run, 12km cycled

Day 8 – Deer and celebrity spotting, Richmond Park

I finally got this show on the road!

Why did I leave it so long before getting outside? I’d been telling myself that running through the park would be much harder than on the treadmill and it would be too easy to stop and give up. In some ways, it was more challenging. But thanks to my lovely new friend and neighbour encouraging me all the way, I polished off 9km in 57 minutes with a bit of a hill at 5km. Okay, I did feel as if I might vomit after the hill, but after 60 seconds walking I was back jogging again.  What a different feel to a treadmill. I loved the breeze against my face, watching the serene deer relaxing as I huffed and puffed past. We smiled as we looked above our heads at the interlocking spindly arches of branches near Pembroke Lodge. And even on this dull Tuesday, running between Pen Ponds with the expanse of water to each side was like being on a bleak but beautiful film set. We also chuckled to eachother when, at about 7km, we passed TV presenter Ben Shepherd setting out on his run. Strangely, this provided another little distraction to keep me going comfortably for another ten minutes or so.  That’s probably why getting outside feels so good – those little ‘lifts’ that distract you from the tired legs and push you that little bit further. And the support of a kind friend is the best thing in the world.

I am so lucky to have this all on my doorstep, and the strength (just about!) to push myself through it. No special equipment or gym membership required, just a bottle of water in hand, inhaler in my pocket, and house key tucked in my trainers. I couldn’t even get my favourite playlist to work but it didn’t matter. I’d better stop, this is turning a bit evangelistic. Back in the park tomorrow for a short version of that, when I will take photos!

Today’s run was powered  by: Porridge with banana on top

Track that helped me through: Could only get two good songs to play – Firestarter (The Prodigy) and Little Lion Man (Mumford and Sons)

Total today: 9km (with a tiny bit of walking)

Total January Distance: 45km (that’s more than a marathon!)

Day 7 – Swimming Jenny

No jogging today – just a swim while the youngest had her lesson. I didn’t count the lengths but it wasn’t many.

My superfit neighbour has invited me to run with her round the park tomorrow – I’m afraid she’ll do 10km without breaking into a sweat. So an early night for me.

Day 6 – Just a bit further

You know you go to the gym a lot when the receptionist calls you by your first name, even when you’ve know idea what her name is!Image Pushed on through til 8 km tonight – I find it gets much easier after the first half hour. Within 10 minutes of finishing I regret not going a bit further. I’m just trying to pace myself so I can stick to this every day. Just me and the cleaner at the end again. 

Tracks that helped today: Dancing on my own (Robyn), Buffalo Stance (Nenah Cherry), Breakthru (Queen), Runaway Baby (Bruno Mars).

Powered by: My chicken noodle soup

Distance today: 8km

Total January distance: 36km

Day Two – on track


A very sweaty session on the treadmill in a warmer-than-usual gym. Looking forward to taking this outside when it’s dry/sunny/mild. Richmond Park is much prettier than a treadmill screen.

I always jog with music on. I love that moment when you’re flagging and want to stop and a motivating track comes on and you’re away again. The cheesier the better.

Songs that helped me through today: Backstabber (Kesha), Stars 4-Ever (Robyn), Bom Bom (Sam and the Womp), Hot Right Now (Rita Ora).

Today’s run was powered by: 2 poached eggs on toast and the penultimate mince pie (well, they need eating up).

Distance today: 7km

Total January distance so far: 10.5km

So I’m back on track for my 5km a day target average!


Day One – thrown out of the gym

Happy New Year!

The challenge starts here. Trainers straight on after a six hour drive home from New Year celebrations in Yorkshire and 25 minutes before the gym closed. I made it 3.5km before being turfed off the treadmill for early closing.  Not as far as I’d hoped, but that’s 275 calories I would not have burned off if it wasn’t for this Janathon challenge!  Janathon website

Jan 1stParticipant-Logo

up and running…

Well, the world hasn’t ended, so I’m now regretting that extra wine and second mince pie I had ‘just in case’  last night. And that promise I made to myself. It was that in January I will take part in two silly-named challenges. No, I won’t be growing extra hair in the name of charity, but one of these activities is not entirely selfish. Dryathlon, where I will endeavour to drink no alcohol all month to raise money for Cancer Research UK. And Janathon, where I will run (okay, jog… okay, move) every day and blog about it. I don’t know the first thing about blogging – is it as tricky as twitter? I’m pretty sure the second challenge will be much more difficult than the first. I am a mistress of excuses. Last week I started the day wearing my gym kit for five days running yet NEVER made it to  the gym (well, I did have Christmas shopping to do and a house to run and a kids party to plan). This morning I blow-dried my hair and it fell perfectly (unusual for me) so I couldn’t mess it up now. My husband works late most nights, you know, and I have two children. And I can’t possibly go out if it’s raining. And I haven’t pre-booked that body pump class.

I absolutely love exercise, it lifts my spirits and makes me feel alive – a calmer, happier and more patient mother and wife. And less guilty about the mince pies. But actually getting started when there are always, seemingly more important, other things to do can be tricky. I’m going to challenge myself to overcome that feeling every day for a whole month.

And then there’s the alcohol ban. Cancer Research UK tells me that £50 (what I will save by not drinking) buys enough glass slides for a scientist to examine 1500 tumour samples down a microscope. This could reveal new causes of cancer or new ways to treat it. In the last two years cancer has affected two people who I love dearly. That’s all I need to say about that without sounding trite.

In the meantime I’m off to enjoy an indulgent festive season before cracking on with a dry (yet sweaty) New Year! Anyone fancy joining me?


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