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Day 12 – Pert bottoms

No snow yet, so I popped  my trainers on and headed out for a short run before lunch. Never thought I’d be thinking of 6km as short. I’m still carrying a water bottle like a comfort blanket, and I realised today I only took one swig in my 34 minute trip. Runners forums suggest I shouldn’t need it for runs of less than an hour – at least in this cold. So my next target is to lose the liquid. It may have to be prised from my anxious grip next time,  though! So, a quick jog from Kingston Gate to Petersham Gate and back. Dare I say, for the first time outside I enjoyed the whole session. Even when my phone began vibrating I ignored it for a few minutes, until I could stand it no longer, and tore it from my arm to see what was wrong. It was my GPS losing signal; MapMyRun had stalled frustratingly at 2.8km. I can always plot it at home later – and off I go again. Nothing will get in my way now. 

But there were more obstacles to come – it was a Saturday lunchtime in Richmond Park after all. Thanks especially to the dog who dropped a stick at my feet (Don’t I look focused enough? Do I look like I’m here to play?) and the woman runner ahead of me who decided to stop and tie her shoelace just as I was using her toned lycra-clad bottom as inspiration. I could have have a behind like that if only I could keep up with – wooaah – stationary bottom ahead! 

Pile-up avoided , I jogged right back to my front door. Later plotted as a perfect 6km. No pics today – couldn’t stop. And the pert-bottomed runner may have been offended if I’d got my camera out!

Total distance today: 6km

Powered by: Porridge and blueberries (again!)

Spurred on by: Magic (BoB), Thinking About You (Calvin Harris), and faster runners with toned bottoms.

Total January distance: 61km run, 12km cycled, 12km walked

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