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Day 13 – Late night swim

A lazy Sunday with the family and a good friend today. The other adults drank wine and I sipped Diet Coke out of a wine glass. 13 days into the Dryathlon part of my challenge, and the first time I have really fancied a cheeky red.  Today, my innocent fizz washed down a roast dinner followed by apple pie Рthen we went for a stroll to the park to watch the sunset as the children played.

Today’s Janathon was an evening swim in the peaceful gym pool. I’ve never been a strong swimmer and I’m getting less confident with age. I’ve developed a reluctance to actually go under; I don’t like the feel of water in my ears. I’m that middle-aged woman who plods a leisurely front crawl with her chin just touching the surface, like a tortoise peeking out of its shell.

Total distance today: 31 lengths (the target was 30 but I had to swim the extra one to get to the steps).

Spurred on by: The thought of the bubbly jacuzzi tub afterwards.

Total January distance: 61km run, 12km cycled, 12km walked.

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